JBKlutse Managed Web Service

The rapid evolution of technology coincides with the rising number of cybersecurity threats. With 30,000 websites falling victim to hackers daily, there’s no guarantee your website won’t be next.

If your website has already been breached, make sure to fix it at the soonest opportunity. This way, you’ll minimize the damage, including lost brand reputation and revenue, lawsuits, and plummeting search rankings.

Who’s Managing Your Website?

When the design is done, the copy is composed, and your website has launched, someone needs to be responsible for its ongoing maintenance.

We’ll keep your website updated and well-maintained. You’ll get regular backups and reports. Content updates to keep your site fresh and focused while ensuring your website is fortified against any cyber-attacks.

Let us do the heavy lifting so that you can focus more on your leads, sales, and customers. We’ll take care of maintaining your site and development projects.

Hostwith JBKlutse provides managed web hosting for shared and dedicated VPS offerings. This service features the following activities:

  1. Web Hosting account management
  2. Web Security
  3. Regular Backups
  4. Website update
  5. Website Traffic Report
  6. 24/7 priority support


  1. Writing copies for the website

NB: This service will be charged separately on request

In case you don’t have a website, we equally design and develop a professional website to meet personal or business needs.

How it Works

Website management is an ongoing service. You pay a monthly fee for services ranging from just one hour per month for basic website maintenance to several hours per week for a more robust online digital strategy.

What You Get

Each website has its own needs. That’s why all website management services are tailored to your business and the goals you set. Here’s a look at some of the tasks that can be performed as part of your website management services

Website Management Services

#Service TagActivities
1Web Hosting account managementServer & Network Monitoring
PHP updates
Database updates
Full site security
Server Caching implementation
Site health checks ( Domain health)
2Web SecurityWAF Protection (Real-Time Firewall)
Brute Force Attack Protection
Malware Scanning
SQL Injection Protection
Uptime Monitoring
Cross-Site Scripting Protection
SSL Certificates
Vulnerability detection
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
3Website ManagementSite Speed Optimization
Spam Comment Removal
Daily Off-site Scheduled Backups
Daily Theme and Plugin Updates
Backup restoration * Migration
CDN (Content Distribution Network)
4Friendly, Helpful Support24/7 Support

If this service is what you need, please call/WhatsApp at +233272839333.

NB: Get a month free on annual billing.